Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where did the Week go Wednesday!

Today's project is a complete original. I say that because I am just starting to feel confident enough to try my hand at putting images and ideas from my head into projects. The one adjustment I made was a suggestion from my big sister which was added an extra piece of card stock to give depth to the cap. This card is made from texture red card stock that I had on hand. I sketched out a graduation cap and then cut out my cap. I added a second piece of red card stock to the top part of the cap to give it a little more depth and it really makes it look more like a graduation cap. Then I used my sister's Cricut to cut out the "UNO" and the "2009". The diploma came from a piece of scrapbook paper that had caps and diplomas on it. I used a circle punch to create the 'button' that is on the cap that holds the tassel. For the tassel, I cut several strands of gold embroidery floss and wrapped them around the 'button'. On the inside I stamped "congratulations" and "you out did yourself again". I inked the edges of the card with Versamark again trying to add some depth Another thing I did but didn't take a picture, was I added a quote from Walt Disney (the man) "All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." I really liked that quote because my friend is pursuing her dream of being a pharmacist and I am so incredibly proud of her. I love the way the card turned out and I know she will too. Hope you like it and thanks for looking. I also wanted to add a quick exciting note. I am blogging to you from my own computer again. A few months ago, my tower died and I have been sharing with my husband and sister. But I am back in business again on my very own computer. So hopefully the post will get done a little earlier in the evening.

Come and create something with me,


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