Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sunshine Wednesday

Hey fellow stampers! Tonight's project is a Sack Lunch Scrapbook that I made using the Sunshine Garden Simply Scrapping Kit. (which is retired). My sister got one of these from her grandson for Mother's Day. So I cased it. I used regular brown paper lunch sacks. This particular book has 5 paper sacks which actually gives you 18 pages to put pictures on. 19 if you count the front cover. I have learned NOT to punch my holes for the ribbon until I have decorated all of the pages so that you get a nice snug fit. I might offer this as a class. I believe that if all you used is the simply scrapping kit for supplies, you can probably get 3 maybe 4 of the 5 bag books. One concern that brought up to me is that the bags aren't acid free. So I have been pricing "acid-free" lunch sacks. I found some white ones at my local Hobby Lobby for $2.99 which gives you 12 bags. So you could make two 5-page books from one package of the bags. I am researching to see if I can find larger quantities in the acid free. My husband works for Oriental Trading and they have them for $3.49 a dozen which is more but I can get a discount......
what to do. These would make great gifts for out of town Grandparents, parents, etc. Thanks for looking and have a good night.

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